Throughout its history, humanity has fought for knowledge, one has only to imagine how discoveries took place several centuries ago when there were no universities or laboratories, moreover, science was constantly pressed by religion with its dogmatism

Then humanity fought for the availability of knowledge, since not all strata of the population had the opportunity to get access to even secondary education, let alone higher education.

Fortunately, those days have passed and now anyone who wants to, with due diligence, can enter and graduate from a university. 

Plus, the growing informatization of society makes any information extremely accessible, in the Western world there is even a tendency for universities to publish a curriculum, and anyone.

who wants to can get acquainted with it.

Thus, the general level of education on the planet is growing, which cannot but rejoice. Technologies are moving forward and already now many are talking about the fact that over time.

The profession of a worker may disappear, since people in this regard will be replaced by machines. Of course.

This is a question of more than one year and not even one decade, but the desire of developed countries to abandon manpower is being traced more and more clearly.

As a result, it is time to think about how important higher education and knowledge in general are in modern society. If now it is still possible to survive with the help of secondary education.

Then in the future this knowledge will be clearly insufficient to find a place for oneself in society. Perhaps, in the future, higher education will become compulsory for everyone, like secondary education in the modern world, but for now there is a demand for low-skilled personnel.

Nevertheless, speaking about higher education, first of all, you need to understand the knowledge that it gives, since a diploma alone will clearly not be enough to find a good job in your specialty. For employment as a salesperson or office manager, a diploma may be needed, but these are clearly not the positions for which it is worth entering a university.

In addition, a high-quality higher education can become the main foundation for future business. Even if a person does not have an idea of ​​his own, he can use the site and find something that will suit him. Legally, of course.

You don't need a university to open your own business, but it is unlikely that someone who can only swing a shovel will be able to organize an effective and profitable business process. With a high degree of probability.

It can be argued that a case under the control of an uneducated person is doomed to failure, because he is too poorly versed in the modern world. Therefore, it can be said that education and knowledge are important in themselves. Even if they are not directly related to the future profession, they broaden a person's horizons, making him more competitive.

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