How To Teach Room920 Better Than Anyone Else

The most Room920 prolific place in that I've found  in Berkshire county going around that pond .


I can find a mushrooms on a good day different species not just .

Mushrooms I've come about different species going around .

  • That pond up and  down this trail that I go on and the part of the I have ad and .
  • I listen to nor all the time and  this woman says add is not attention .
  • Deficit it's  hyper attention it's survival it's uh you learn as  much as you can about.
  • Things until you realize or   you feel that you've got enough under your belt  so.
  • That you can survive with this information   and she said people .

With add are really good at  hunter gatherer and really good at trivia because you remember everything because it's .

Like you suck  it in it's amazing and then another thing about   it is it's

The hunter-gatherer part of your brain  is is really really in tune with what's good   and .

What's dangerous and if you don't see it as  food and you don't see it as.

Danger it's just   background noise and I lived my whole life up  to that point with all this background noise .

I never knew

  • Was there and it turned me on to my  observation real skills and .
  • I see so much now   anyway I've been doing it for  years now  and I love it mushrooms are like.
  • A raspberry   on a raspberry bush or a you know an apple on .
  • A  tree it's it's a fruiting body everything else   is underground or inside the trees and.

The  majority of that is communicating

  • Constantly   from one end of the forest area they're associated  with to .
  • The other and they actually transfer all   this information underground and they're living  happily .
  • Underground and they'll come out and   they'll start attacking each other if they touch  each other if .

They're different species but up on .

  • The left-hand side there's a white poured chicken  of the woods .
  • That grows at the base of oak trees   and that's the only way I've ever seen it most  of the chicken of.
  • The woods have Yellow pores   and they're usually shelf mushrooms and you see .
  • A  lot of them and they'll grow on a lot of dead ash   trees and different types of.

Trees but these guys  here in particular if you're into it for the food that's the superior mushroom it's much more tender  all the way down .

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