Improve Public Health and Community Health

Have a good heart and sacrifice that time to take care of the community health so that's why right now Thailand has um approximately about. Million public health volunteers and is launched in the  so that's why we have this kind of task force to fight against .

good heart

The Kobe  in Thailand and also during the Kobe .

  • The village heroines here they also work closely according to the government policy and work hard to knock like .
  • A dog to dog and to educate and also get into the families and community members to be careful about Kobe  and also follow up for.
  • The festive group or the groups that are listing for the college nightly this is .
  • I think this uh second reason uh this is important and it's the key point as well that's why we can control .
  • The Kobe knife in Thailand also we integrate the technology in the healthcare system as a village heroines here they go into.

The community but they also have like a technology to they also have the technology as well to help them to learn receive .

The new methods and also collect the case as well and also they can collaborate with the healthcare staff using kind of the uh this application that we call ultima online to exchange some of .

  • The information even though they also have like a training as well to train to train for the knowledge about the co with nice team and also also got .
  • The support and information from the department of disease control and ministry of the public scale and the next uh application is a patient this one used for public because .
  • We want to track down the code with nice in cases if you go into the building or any other places shopping mall you need to scan.
  • This while we check in and also check out when you go inside the building or inside .
  • The shopping mall and right now we have a English version as well and the last one I think is also important besides the village health right here .
  • The way that the government communicates to the public needs to be transplanted and need to be true as well because you know right now .

We have a lot of fake news and a lot of information uh that we can access to the internet or the social media so that's why to make the structure centralized and also make art unique and committed in

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