Homemade detox cure: our best advice for success

 After the end of year celebrations or as spring approaches, we sometimes feel the need to put our bodies in the green. By facilitating the evacuation of toxins, the homemade detox cure often proves to be judicious in resetting the counters to zero. On condition, however, of not carrying it out anyhow! What are the rules to know to detoxify your body in a healthy and safe way? Here is our complete file on the subject.

Detoxify your body: what's the point?

Our body is constantly subjected to toxins generated either during digestion or by exogenous factors (tobacco, drugs, stress, environmental pollution, etc.). Fortunately, this one is theoretically armed to eliminate them alone. For this purpose, it has 5 emunctory organs capable of treating, draining and evacuating waste: the liver , the kidneys , the lungs , the skin and the colon .

However, following excessive or prolonged use (repeated overeating, unbalanced diet for several years, etc.), these natural treatment plants sometimes see their capacities exceeded. This can be manifested by significant fatigue , skin imperfections , a dull complexion , bloating or even a greater vulnerability to infections . It is therefore interesting to give them a helping hand to support them in their tasks: this is the whole concept of a home detox cure.

How to do a home detox cure?

Taking up more and more space on our tables, processed industrial products deplete our emunctories because of the many synthetic additives they contain. For an effective detox cure, exclude them completely during these few days and, on the contrary, promote raw foods .

It is therefore impossible to ignore fresh fruits and vegetables (and ideally organic) which must imperatively predominate on the menu! To maximize your intake of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, prefer to crunch them raw ... but only if your intestine tolerates their fibers which are known to be irritating. The right compromise? Consume them in the form of juices, broths or gently steamed .

Speaking of live food, have you ever considered sprouted seeds  ? These mini-concentrates of nature are however disproportionately great by their benefits, in particular thanks to the process of germination which makes their nutrients highly bioavailable . To sprinkle on all your dishes for a boost of energy and flavors!

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