Where to Find the Best Shrooms Canada

Where can you find the best Shrooms Canada? Here are some ideas. Whether you're looking for a local farmer's market or a specialized mushroom store, you're sure to find a variety of choices and prices. Some sources are more expensive than others. 

A whole 8th of dried mushrooms can cost $20 to $30 USD, depending on the size. In Canada, the average price of an ounce is between $200 and $250.

If you're looking for shrooms in Canada, you can buy them online or through a psychedelics dealer. Buying them online is convenient, but sometimes a dispensary might be more affordable. 

Choosing between buying mushrooms online and visiting a local dispensary is dependent on demand, where you live, and what types of shrooms you're looking for. Whole dried shrooms tend to cost more than microdosing or edible versions.

Although mushrooms are still illegal in Canada, Canadian police have recently cracked down harder on vendors of magic mushrooms. Since cannabis was legalized, only medical marijuana has been prohibited for research purposes. Even so, people with clean criminal records may still be able to purchase and use psychedelic mushrooms. 

  • In Canada, though, legalization of cannabis is still not yet complete. 
  • Although the situation is changing, the benefits and legal status of psychedelic mushrooms in Canada are still uncertain.

If you're looking to buy mushrooms online, the first step is to locate a company with a license to research psychedelic substances. In Canada, Numinus Bioscience is one such company. 

Founded in Nanaimo, B.C., this healthcare company is working on developing and distributing psychedelic products. In June, the company received a license from Health Canada. And while it is not yet a reputable company, it's a legitimate business in the market.

Legalization of mushrooms is a crucial first step for people who wish to experiment with psilocybin-rich mushrooms. Although the possession of mushrooms is technically illegal in Canada, it is rarely prosecuted if you own them in small quantities. 

In fact, people with serious illness can be given a prescription for psilocybin treatment. During the approval process, patients must disclose any other drugs they've purchased within the last thirty days.

In the early 1970s, British Columbia became known for its Liberty Cap mushroom fields. During autumn, thousands of pickers flocked to the region to harvest the mushrooms. The mushroom fields were so popular that squatter communities formed near them. The mushroom harvest displaced residents and caused property damage. 

As the mushroom industry continued to grow, the population of pickers and the number of crimes committed rose. This resulted in widespread disturbance of local communities.

The use of psilocybin therapy by terminally ill patients has recently been approved in Canada. This approval comes after four individuals with terminal illnesses asked the Health Ministry for an exemption. Studies show that the drug helps patients deal with depression and anxiety. 

According to the Therapeutic Psilocybin website, these four individuals were the first Canadians to legally use psychedelic mushrooms since 1974. The government's approval for this exemption is a step forward, as Canada continues to become a leader in psilocybin therapy.

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